About Us

About Us
The Origin Story of B•e 

Purpose: To build a vibrant community, empowered and inspired to more abundant and intentional lives. 

Mission: Through a trifold approach of apparel, resources, and community, we provide actionable inspiration and the tools for dreamers to shape a new reality. 

How it started: It all started on a quiet beach in Bali one night in August 2017. There God gave me a vision of a place for creatives, makers, and dreamers. There they would be supported, seen, and have opportunities to grow small dreams into big impacts. Taking that vision, we got to work. On March 30, 2018, in Beijing, China, we launched. We crafted a platform that inspired people to take hold of their dreams and stretch themselves to reach new heights. 

Over the next four years, we helped over 120 small businesses launch, grow, or increase their income. Of all the awards and accolades we accumulated, the most treasured accomplishment was our community. Our community flourished and grew into a global mix of folks from or representing every continent (except Antarctica). 

We continued through the pandemic until 2022 when the effects of COVID policies and external events caused us to relocate home and close our doors for a time. But the mission wouldn't rest, and neither could we. 

Taking the lessons of the last six years, we relaunched and began to rebuild at home in the US in January 2023. The approach is different, but the mission is the same - to inspire and empower people to make their dreams come true. 

So when you buy a shirt or bag from us, you are buying into a dream. You are buying into a world where people are fulfilled and living out the God-given version of their lives. You are buying into the artisans we work with in Uganda and Ghana as they use their gifts to build their families and communities. And most importantly, you are buying into your own dream, the one you keep tucked close to your heart. Our apparel has a message, a reminder to live out the fullness of God’s vision and the vision He spoke over your life. It is a reminder to get clarity and see the dream. It is also a reminder to be faithful in the work and build out the vision and be your fullest self. 


In short, we started and will keep going to help provide you with the inspiration and resources to live your most fulfilled, abundant, and intentional life.