Behind the Motto


It's on the clothing, the hats, and the bags, but what does it mean?

We think of our brand as tangible and wearable inspiration. We are a touch point on your journey. Every motto we use is to help you be inspired, stay focused, and execute at the high level of excellence necessary to reach your dreams and turn them into reality. 

So let's break down “See it. Build it. B•e it”

See it

Having a vision is the first step to achieving anything of consequence. You have to see it clearly in your mind’s eye. Add as much detail as you can muster until you feel you can reach out and touch it. What’s the “it” in ‘see it’? It can be your dream business. It might be a nonprofit that champions a cause dear to your heart. It could be moving to a new country and traveling the world. It can even be being healed and living in peace. Whatever your ‘it’ is, take time to visualize ‘it’ and begin to see it - in part or whole. For you to have the fullest life possible, stretch past the limits of imagination, and seek God’s more abundant vision.  

Once you have the vision, write it down so it can guide you in the next step. 


Build it

‘See it’ is the first step, but it’s not enough. Your subsequent actions must be intentional and aligned.  This way,  you can move forward in the vision. Whether you can see a clear path or only move ‘step by faithful step’, take bold action and be tenacious in the journey.


B•e it

‘B•e it’ is simultaneous to the building process. It is embodying the dream while in the process. It is developing and acting on belief in your God-given ability to complete the vision you’ve been given. Commit to the dream, be steadfast in your mind, and soon you will see the dream is now your reality. 


If you’d like to go into more detail on applying “See it. Build it. B•e it” to your own life, check out our Dream Builder Blueprint. 


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