Wildest Dream Gallery

We have a saying at Build & Be -- b•e your wildest dreams. We love it so much that we even started a grant inspired by the motto.
It is more than an inspiring phrase. It is a call to faithful action. One way we do that is by incorporating it into our in-person events. If you see us out and about, you will also see our bulletin board is full of dreams from our community.
Whenever someone comes by our booth, we give them a chance to answer a simple question "What is your wildest dream"? The kind of dream that inspires you to do more and push a little harder. For us, your wildest dream isn't about being 'wild' in the sense of risqué or provocative. It's about the leap of faith dream that is God-sized and will require evacuation from your comfort zone to achieve it.  We provide folks with an index card to write it down on because the act of writing down a dream or a vision helps to cement it in your mind. We also offer a take-home card so they can put it up at home and further develop their vision. 
While it seems like a simple exercise, many people have told us it was impactful and a timely reminder to refocus on the dreams that daily life and distractions had overtaken.  So here are a selection of dreams from past events. Hopefully, we can add some of yours at our next event.